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Ann O’Brien, Kent Stainless

Ann O’Brien has been Managing Director of Kent Stainless since 2010. She is a recognised business leader with over 25 years’ experience and is the first woman to lead this 30-year-old engineering company.

Ann began her role in Kent Stainless in finance and then in HR. In her role as Human Resources Director, she implemented necessary changes for rapid expansion and contraction at various times due to the changing economic climate and other business variables. She oversaw the growth of Kent Stainless’ staff from 70 to over 140 employees and two acquisitions (one which involved a factory move from Dublin to Wexford).

The company has been quite successful in achieving its objectives, but many of the directions have changed due to the development of knowledge and experience. It’s Ann’s ability to adapt to change and along with her great management team, that has enabled this change to be implemented on a continuous basis.

Continuous Improvement has been Ann’s core strategy, modernising the company in terms of an ERP System, Capital Investment in Plant and Equipment, and Internationalisation of the business. The company has expanded considerably under her management and is currently undergoing a major growth period.

Kent Stainless have been at the heart of some truly exceptional projects across multiple industries and geographies. Combining their innovative design solutions with their world class manufacturing facility, they deliver projects that meet unique requirements and enhance industry reputation. Kent Stainless, a partner you can rely on!