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National debt rises €100,000 every five minutes

What is says in the papers Yesterday’s Exchequer returns figures read like a triumph for the Irish economy, an economy that appears to defy the laws of gravity. Have a read of some of the breathless commentary. “The State collected
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4G Blog

More bad news from our nearest neighbour

First, some good news According to a story in yesterday’s @IrishTimes by @IrishTimesLaura a national map of mobile coverage quality offered by different phone operators is to be made available to consumers. This is thanks to @ComReg and it could
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An open letter to senior bankers

How dare you? That’s my first, second and then third reaction. How the hell dare you treat an Irish business, which happens to be an ISME member, the way you have.

rebel without a cause

Union members should revolt

The spirit of Larkin and Connolly It’s hard to know nowadays what the exact role of a trade union is? Their glory days of fighting the ‘Bosses’ and lockouts are long over. Almost all workers’ rights are now, correctly, enshrined
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Dirty Rotten Scandals

We take heart here at ISME when, on occasion, a public servant does the State some service. In this case we congratulate Judge Maureen Harding Clark for questioning why one third of the symphysiotomy redress claims examined by her don’t appear to have been truthful.

health wordcloud

Why there’s no doctor in the house

There was an interesting discussion on Newstalk’s @BreakfastNT between presenter Colette FitzPatrick and Dr. Austin Byrne @austinepbyrne from the Irish Medical Council regarding the extra money doctors want so that they will administer a childhood vaccination programme.


A working class

At ISME we try to keep the national economic narrative honest. When commentators make false claims, particularly around areas such as public sector pay, government spending and taxation, our job is to correct the record


Unions; who will repay this debt? How much more tax are your members willing to pay?

Ireland owes €201bn (at the time of writing) If you want a shock just have a look at this national debt counter. Watch it climb higher every second. This little country continues to borrow money to run its public services.
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Sean Hannick

Forget about winning an Oscar, I want a Hannick

In recognition of all the great work Sean Hannick did, ISME will be presenting the 1st Sean Hannick Award at our Annual Conference which will be attended by Sean’s widow, Deirdre.

Sinn Fein

Sinn Fein versus Sinn Uile (…and no we don’t mean the party)

Most of you will know that ‘Sinn Fein’ means ‘ourselves alone’, but not too many of you are likely to know that ‘Sinn Uile’ means ‘all of us together’? The little word after Sinn is all important to us at ISME because it helps define how we see the world