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Comptroller and Auditor General should investigate the Ploughing Championship

300,000 people will traipse through the event during the week and they’ll see sights from the gargantuan to the curious, from massive combined harvesters to a modest Legion of Mary stand. They’ll also see State waste.

Press Conference

Journalist to blame for Dublin Bus dispute?

“Following a €100m transfer of taxpayer’s money to Dublin Bus its management chose to describe what wasn’t spent from this massive subsidy as a profit.”


ISME refuses to name #unnamed

We’re not going to encourage them so we’re not going to name the organisation that sent this sad catchall news release out today.

Own Goal Blog

Paul Murphy TD and the Brexit fantasy football

4 nil down and we haven’t got to half time. Phenomenal, all own goals.


Charlie Haughey’s toothbrush and Leo Varadkar

It’s in their DNA. Politicians just can’t help taking and giving away what is not theirs.


A Sterling Demand from Business

What we seek is a low cost lending mechanism that can give these struggling businesses some breathing space to help to adjust to the new reality.

The secret life of John Halligan TD

The secret life of John Halligan TD

We’ve done our best to find out more about John Halligan T.D., the Junior Jobs Minister or to give him his formal title, Minister of State for Training and Skills.

Hospitals Closed on Saturday

Sorry Cancer Patient, it’s after scan o’clock

1st July 2016 If only you’d been here earlier The new health minister had to, quite rightly, give a seriously ill woman a grovelling apology after one of his ‘jobsworths’ sent a wholly inappropriate reply to a letter she had
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Boris Johnson Brexit

Boris Johnson and the Dublin Bus drivers

28th June 2016 Viva Las Vegas It took only two days for the UK Brexiteers to be shown up for the charlatans that they are. The rag bag of extreme right wingers, mé féiners, Little Britons and bizarrely some of
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