Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & Selection


Recruitment & Selection

The objective behind any recruitment and selection policy is to get the right person for the job, at the right time and at the right cost with the appointment of the best candidate qualified and suitable for the job. The selection procedure should therefore be based on criteria taken from the job description which is matched against the best candidate, ascertained from their experience and appropriate qualifications, and the objective requirements of the job.

As a Member of ISME you have access to further information, templates and supporting documents covering all elements of recruitment and selection including:

The starting point in any recruitment process should be the completion of an accurate job specification. Writing one of these will allow you to evaluate a job and determine a number of key factors about the role. For example, what qualifications and experience are necessary for the job? Where does is fit in with the structure of the business?


Advice on avoiding Discrimination claims during the recruitment process is also available to members.

NEW RECRUITMENT TOOLKIT- This online toolkit – Recruitment Roadmap, is aimed to assist SMEs to plan and execute the correct recruiting strategy. It documents the 7 key steps needed in your recruitment process and contains helpful templates to assist throughout.

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