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ISME – The Irish Small & Medium Enterprises Association

ISME, the Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association, is the only independent representative association for Small and Medium Enterprises and currently has in excess of 10,200 members nationwide. Uniquely in Ireland, ISME is independent of big business, big banks and government and gives voice to the issues facing SME owner-managers.

ISME is owned, funded and managed by SME owner-managers, representing the sector through its almost 10,200 members. Therefore we can rightly claim to be the true independent voice of the Irish SME. ISME is a not for profit, membership organisation whose National Council is made up of elected owner-managers of SMEs from all over Ireland and from a variety of sectors.

ISME exists to support SME owner-managers by lobbying on their behalf, providing advice and information, and offering discounts on products and services through Discount Schemes. ISME also provides a number of opportunities for business networking through events and training and to do business with other ISME members via the Member to Member area of the website.

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Mark Fielding – CEO

Mark has been involved in the SME sector throughout his working life; in the printing, food, biotech, recruitment and property sectors as well as being a senior partner in an accountancy and management consultancy firm specialising in SMEs. He has worked in the UK, France and Ireland and has assisted in the start up of more than 300 companies prior to taking up his current role of CEO at ISME.

He is a member of the Company Law Review Group, the High Level Group on Business Regulation and the Advisory Group on Small Business. He also sits on the administrative council of UEAPME, the European employers’ organisation. UEAPME is a recognised European Social Partner representing more than 12 million enterprises, which employ 55 million people across Europe.

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